Canadian Center of Science and Education: Supporting Research Initiatives

supplement and spotlight research Canadian Center of Science and Education: Supporting Research InitiativesCanadian Center of Science and Education (CCSE) is an independent organization that provides a high degree of support to today’s research world. Additionally, CCSE publishes over 40 scholarly journals that both supplement and spotlight research initiatives. Through this work, the organization has certainly improved the lives of many researchers, academics, students, and faculty members.

Why Focus on Research?

The educational world—particularly the aspect of it that revolves around collegiate-level instruction—could use assistance with a large number of things. From funds to improve classrooms to resources that could enhance the printing allowances of instructors, money contributed to educational efforts could prove useful in a long list of areas. So why is it that Canadian Center of Science and Education has chosen to support research efforts, in particular?

Well, this is a question that does not have a simple answer. On the surface of the issue is the fact that research is an important aspect of the academic and professional worlds. Students pursue research to complete their dissertations and theses and to supplement their collegiate work. Faculty members opt to spearhead research projects to remain in good standing professionally and contribute to the accomplishments of their schools.

But Canadian Center of Science and Education is so heavily invested in research for another reason. You see, research studies are what develop today’s understanding of the world. Additionally, they help form the perceptions and perspectives of tomorrow’s leaders. These initiatives uncover new ideas and truths that, ultimately, explain a bit more about the world and universe in which the population lives.

The interesting thing about research is that cutting edge work can inhabit virtually any discipline. Science is the most obvious example. The discoveries of today’s scientific researchers may lead to a cure for cancer, an improved vaccine against the flu, or a deeper understanding of how bacteria and viruses mutate.

A less familiar example of the value of research lies in the humanities. Take, for instance, the field of philosophy. The individuals working within this subject area consider ideas and thoughts that have shaped humanity since the dawn of time. Questions regarding what people are made of, where they came from, and whether they should act according to a certain moral code are all considered by philosophers. Funding research to further examine these and other big questions ultimately leads to a better understanding of humanity—and of why people act and think the way that they do.

These examples make it clear that research changes lives—but it does so much more than that. Research has the power to rewrite the future. This is why Canadian Center of Science and Education values it so highly.

Canadian Center of Science and Education: Publishing Journals to Help Researchers Share Information

When an individual sits down to develop a research project, they often call upon the efforts of others to determine where they should start. For instance, they may read up on a certain study that pinpointed the relationship between a specific chemical and a particular form of bacteria. This may prompt them to ask new questions, in light of this breaking information, that they pursue in their own study.

Without the availability of scholarly journals, this form of building upon the knowledge of one’s discipline simply could not happen. By publishing peer-reviewed articles, CCSE is able to help researchers share their findings with the rest of the world. As such, the organization allows professionals, students, and other researchers to build upon the ideas and knowledge that others have discovered.

This is crucial, as the understanding of today’s generations was built upon the insight of those that have already passed. Since the beginning if history, mankind has used the discoveries of past initiatives as stepping stones to new information. Without the capability of sharing information, then, the pace at which humanity increases its understanding of the world would slow tremendously—if not stall altogether.

The journals that CCSE publishes are many. Here are some of the titles that the organization produces and distributes:

  • Asian Culture and History
  • Cancer and Clinical Oncology
  • Earth Science Research
  • Engineering Management Research
  • English Language Teaching
  • Environment and Pollution
  • Higher Education Studies
  • International Education Studies
  • International Journal of Business and Management
  • International Journal of Economics and Finance
  • International Journal of Marketing Studies
  • International Journal of Statistics and Probability
  • Journal of Agricultural Science
  • Journal of Educational and Developmental Psychology
  • Journal of Geography and Geology
  • Journal of Materials Science Research
  • Journal of Molecular Biology Research
  • Journal of Politics and Law
  • Mechanical Engineering Research
  • Network and Communication Technologies
  • Review of European Studies
  • Sustainable Agriculture Research
  • Public Administration Research
  • Modern Applied Science
  • Journal of Sustainable Development
  • Journal of Plant Studies
  • Journal of Mathematics Research
  • Journal of Management and Sustainability
  • Journal of Food Research
  • Journal of Education and Learning
  • International Law Research
  • International Journal of Psychological Studies
  • International Journal of English Linguistics

These are just some of the many scholarly, peer-reviewed publications that CCSE produces. Through these publications, the organization is able to help researchers both share their findings and learn about the cutting edge work that is done in their subject areas.

All of these journals are indexed in multiple scholarly databases and are known as highly reputable sources. This is important, as this type of distribution allows them to further disseminate the information they contain and are considered reliable by researchers. Additionally, such indexing adds to the credibility and value that these publications hold. Some of the databases that have indexed CCSE’s publications include:

  • CrossRef
  • EBSCOhost
  • ProQuest
  • Gale’s Academic Databases
  • DOAJ
  • Ulrich’s
  • Scopus
  • Excellence in Research for Australia
  • MLA International Bibliography
  • EconLit
  • JEL
  • CAB Abstracts
  • Index Copernicus
  • Zoological Record
  • American Chemical Society
  • Chemical Abstracts

CCSE encourages researchers who are working on studies or have already completed initiatives to consider submitting to one of its many journals. Through these publications, CCSE assists academics, including students, researchers, and faculty members, in improving the knowledge of their field.

Canadian Center of Science and Education understands that research and publication are essential to today’s understanding of the world. Through its support of such initiatives, this organization has made a positive impact on today’s generations. Canadian Center of Science and Education recommends that individuals who are looking to get involved with a great cause look into supporting the efforts of local educational institutions.

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